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As a Law Firm and Real Estate Brokerage FIRE can handle a broad spectrum of real estate matters. Real Estate lawyer Michael Fourte, JD,MBA is a licensed real property attorney in New York and New Jersey specializing in realty matters such as New Jersey attorney review, New Jersey real estate closings, New York Real estate closings, real estate settlements, real property tax appeals, zoning, construction, mortgage, evictions and New York and New Jersey landlord tenant matters.  We're also an authorized Notary for New York and New Jersey documents.

New jersey attorney review

New Jersey real property law requires that property buyers and sellers with contracts drafted by realtors will be afforded a three-day attorney review period. The period is three business days, unless extended, and commences after the seller signs the contract with a buyer. During this review period, the buyer and seller can ask, through their respective New Jersey Real Estate attorneys, to ratify the contract or void the contract for any reason. New York attorney review periods do not exist in statutory law. Experience our rapid attorney review and see how we quickly get out of New Jersey attorney review and into a binding contract


New Jersey Real Estate Settlements and New York Real Estate Settlements are similar but the laws governing each differ. Parties to the transaction are generally represented by New Jersey real estate attorneys and New York real estate attorneys who are familiar with the process of transferring real estate. Because Fourte International Real Estate is not only a licensed real estate broker but also a licensed real estate attorney, clients can enjoy seamless transition from formation of the contract all the way through the completion of the sale and transfer of the deed.


If you are a homeowner or New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor and you have been cited for a municipal or state violation such as commencing work without a permit, you need a competent New Jersey Construction Attorney to represent you. Whether you are proceeding before the Construction Board of Appeals (e.g. Essex County Construction Board of Appeals aka “ECCBA”), or you are appealing a County Construction Board of Appeals to New Jersey Superior Court by an action in lieu of a prerogative writ, Fourte International Real Estate can represent you.

Construction Attorney Michael Fourte holds an ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) engineering degree and has overseen numerous construction projects both in the United States and in the U.S. Military overseas. This unique background makes him particularly suited to represent contractors and engineers in tech Many times we can reduce or even eliminate fines levied for commencing work without a New Jersey Construction Permit. Are you being told that you are required to upgrade your garbage containers, smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors? Always ensure that any penalty or fine imposed is for an actual violation of the New Jersey Construction Code or the New York Construction Code. The New Jersey and New York Construction Codes are derived from model construction codes, but they are not identical.

property tax appeals

If you’ve ever wondered whether and how you can appeal your property taxes, you should consult with a New Jersey property tax appeal attorney like Michael Fourte today. Michael Fourte has successfully lowered taxes levied by New Jersey local tax assessors. The municipalities have skilled property tax lawyers working for them and you should too. If you have already filed a case with the County Tax assessor we can represent you on your hearing date. If you’ve lost your case at the County tax board don’t worry because we have experience and success appealing cases to the New Jersey Superior Court.


Most New Jersey evictions are filed by landlords against their tenants in the Special Civil Part of the New Jersey Superior Court. We have extensive experience in Bergen Vicinage, Essex Vicinage, Hudson Vicinage. Not only do we file the Special Civil Part Summons’ and Complaint, but we will also file an action for back rent in New Jersey Small Claims Court and/or New York Small Claims Court. We will obtain the proper Docket Number. We will prosecute your action to its completion including filing for the warrant of removal, lock out and obtaining a docketed statewide judgment. We can also help you secure New Jersey liens, garnishments and levies on property, bank accounts, wages and other assets. We can advise on the proper disposal of abandoned tenant property to avoid liability.

Variances & Zoning

Because of our technical background in representing engineers and contractors, Fourte International is particularly skilled in handling zoning matters all the way from notifying neighbors within 200 feet of your property to appearing at the zoning board of adjustment. We can help you and your architect determine which areas of a zoning ordinance may require an ordinance.

Commercial leasing

We handle New York and New Jersey commercial leasing transactions, including office leases, ground leases and retail leases, (triple) net leases, sale-leasebacks, operating leases, master leases, and subordinate leases (subleases). We also assist clients in connection with related financings, extension, modification and disposition of commercial leases. The litigation attorneys on our team have decades of experience in complex commercial real estate lease dispute resolution proceedings.

Our clients include developers, investors, owners, lenders, shopping centers, financial institutions, government organizations, national and regional retailers, warehouse operators, not-for-profit organizations, commercial landlords and other property managers.

foreclosure & short sales

Mortgages are the pledging of real property in exchange for money. Mortgages involve detailed accounting and documentation. If errors are made the amount of mortgage payment charged could be excessive. If you feel or know that you have been the victim of overcharging on your mortgage either as a result of changing interest rates or a military deployment (Service Member’s Civil Relief Act) contact us for a review. We’ve been successful at challenging inconsistent payments from large banks and local banks both in court and out of court.